Monday, January 24, 2011


Check out what the Hamblogger had to say about one of our favorites -- Brgr, which has a variety of interesting and delicious burgers.

A few follow up comments:

1. As the OAHSC has known for a long time, bad bunnage makes for bad burger. Brgr has nailed the bun, as aptly noted by The Hamblogger. The meat is also excellent. Top notch beef quality. Juicy and tasty.

2. The whole onion ring is a problem for some on the Button Buster. As expected, one bite and the entire onion tends to pull out of the burger. Onion straws were superior. Also, go ahead and ask for some bacon on it to take it to the next level.

3. Do not miss the salted caramel milkshake...and don't drive home after drinking it...and don't go back to work either.

4. We have made several trips to Brgr. The primary "criticism" by some, other than the onion ring, is that the burger itself was slightly under-seasoned at times. Otherwise, Brgr would be fighting for the top spot with
Mantini's and Eleven.

Brgr on Urbanspoon

Vanilla, the home of the best cupcakes in the world, is just a short walk down the street. I know this isn't a cupcake blog and you wouldn't think that a group of stodgy gentlemen like the OAHSC would dabble in cupcakes, but we do...only at Vanilla. Don't miss the Vanilla Caramel or the Concord Grape (when in season).

Vanilla Pastry Studio on Urbanspoon


  1. Update: More recent visits have confirmed the underseasoned issue and, unfortunately, have added a problem of consistent over-cooking. This is an unacceptable problem that has pushed Brgr down the list.

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