Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The Original 11 Burger Review

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 2:49 PM
Subject: RE: Burger
I do sincerely apologize for not having a camera to properly document the experience at 11 today at lunch. The experience started out at exceptional... and slowly worked its way up from there. At one point I wasn't sure if I was eating the burger, or if it was eating me.
Unlike something that is over hyped, then under delivers (think shaoln soccer) this burger truly deservers the highest accolades. The presentation is breathtaking (and if not for the quick action on the part of the wait staff, I may have never tasted its delight). Think the grand canyon - but instead of being carved into the ground by a river over millions of years, it was created by a chef - whom I can only assume was the ill-legitimate child created when God, Jacques Papan & Julia Child had a wild tryst one night after drinking too much merlot. The burger is a towering monument built from delicious flavor striations - which meld with such synergy that the total flavor becomes exponentially more than the sum of the individual parts.
This was the burger to end all burgers.
As a base, you have as artisan crafted sesame roll. It could stand its own. Perfect.
Next, you climb a one inch think layer of Angus beef, cooked to perfection.

On top of that, you find a layer of braised veal - tender and juicy.

This of course is topped by the cheese of your choice, smoked cheddar, smoked gouda, Blue, or some other cheese… I stopped at the Blue.

You think you are done, but the journey continues.
On top of the cheese you encounter, deep fried onion seasoned onion straws.
Then the masterpiece is topped with two, thick, juicy slices of smoked apple wood bacon.

Eating a burger like this can take the diner on an emotional rollercoaster. Joy and elation turn to dismay and sadness as it is ingested. The only thing that was able to lift our spirits at the end of our journey was the small chocolate cookie - and a friendly return invitation…" see you next time." Oh yes, you will see me again.

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